Joker Logo (2019 DC Movie) DECAL ONLY

Joker Logo (2019 DC Movie) DECAL ONLY

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***Listing is for Decal Only***

Do you want to spruce up your stands and give it that complete feeling? We do too!

I created these Decals specifically for that need. Just look at how finished the outcome is!

This is for the new upcoming film, Joker.
Decal Information:
- Material: Vinyl Sticker
- Size: 3.8 INCHES in length. (If you need a specific size, contact us)
- Wash Base Clean with Soap and Water (allow to dry)
- Remove Decal backing and line up where you want to place it
- With a flat card, flatten sticker firmly to base.
-Remove clear film from the sticker, and Voila!